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Wednesday 1:00 pm CST
Madison, WI

Virtual Staging 101: Part 3

Written by the ReZen Editorial Team

Welcome to Part 3 of how to virtually stage your house. To go back to Part 1, click HERE. For Part 2, click HERE.


Step 9: Exploring Alternatives and Tools

What is the alternative to virtual staging?

An alternative to virtual staging is virtual renovation, where not only furniture and decor are digitally added but significant alterations are made to show potential changes, such as removing walls or changing flooring. This can be particularly appealing for properties that require updates or for showcasing various renovation possibilities to buyers.

Is VisualStager free?

VisualStager is a tool for DIY virtual staging but it is not free. It typically operates on a pay-per-image model, offering packages that vary in price. This flexibility allows sellers to choose how many rooms to virtually stage based on their budget and needs.

Which photo editor is 100% free?

For basic photo editing needs, tools like GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) offer a robust, 100% free option. While not specifically designed for virtual staging, GIMP can be used for enhancing real estate photos, such as adjusting brightness or cropping, before the virtual staging process.

Do realtors use Matterport?

Many realtors use Matterport to create 3D virtual tours of listings. This technology allows potential buyers to virtually walk through the home, providing a comprehensive view of the space that goes beyond traditional photos or video tours.



Step 10: Next Steps

When should I use virtual staging over physical staging?

Virtual staging should be considered over physical staging in several scenarios:

  • When the property is vacant and you want to avoid the higher costs and logistical challenges of renting and placing physical furniture.
  • If you're targeting remote buyers who are more likely to view the property online before they can visit in person.
  • When you need a quick turnaround time to get the listing up, as virtual staging can be completed faster than organizing physical staging. This approach allows for flexibility and efficiency, especially in a fast-paced real estate market.

Should I do both virtual and physical staging?

Combining virtual and physical staging is not commonly practiced due to the different purposes they serve. However, there are situations where it might be beneficial:

  • Use physical staging for the main areas of the home that will be shown during open houses or in-person viewings, and virtual staging for less critical areas or for alternative layout options in marketing materials.
  • For properties with unique features or challenging spaces, virtual staging can offer prospective buyers visualization of potential uses that physical staging might not be able to convey.

It’s crucial to assess the specific needs of your property and market to determine the most effective strategy.



Stage Your House with Expert Guidance from ReZen LLC

Choosing the right staging option for your home can make a significant difference in capturing the attention of potential buyers and selling your property swiftly. Whether you opt for the DIY route with apps like Homestyler or prefer the expertise of professional virtual stagers, the goal is to present your home in its best possible light.

At ReZen, we understand the value of a well-presented home. Our team is here to guide you through the process, offering the support and resources needed to make informed decisions about staging your property.

With our comprehensive approach, you can achieve a visually appealing listing that stands out in the market, ensuring your home sells for the best price.

Consider virtual staging as a modern, efficient, and cost-effective way to enhance your home’s appeal, and trust ReZen to help you navigate the journey to a successful sale.


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