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Tuesday 8:25 am CST
Madison, WI

Hosting a Successful Open House Pt. 2

Written by the ReZen Editorial Team

Welcome to Part 2 of how to host a successful open house. If you would like to revisit Part 1 to jog your memory, click HERE. For Part 3, click HERE.


Selling your home on your own can be a challenge, especially when it comes to showcasing it through an open house. This critical component of your marketing strategy not only highlights your property's best features but also connects you directly with potential buyers. With the right approach, you can turn an open house from a mere showing into a powerful selling tool. This detailed guide will walk you through organizing and executing an open house that leaves a lasting impression and accelerates your sales process.



Step 4: Marketing Your Open House

How Do I Invite People to My Open House?

You can invite people through social media, email invitations, open house signs in your neighborhood, and listing your open house on real estate platforms like Zillow or local MLS services.

How Do I Market Myself on Zillow?

Create a compelling listing with high-quality photos, and use Zillow’s event feature to promote your open house dates and times.

What Should Be Included in an Open House Flyer?

High-quality images of your home, key features, open house date and time, your contact information, and a QR code linking to your online listing.

What Do You Say When Advertising for an Open House?

When advertising an open house, highlight key features of your home, the date and time of the event, and any special incentives like refreshments. Emphasize what makes your property unique and inviting.

How Do I Make an Open House Brochure?

An open house brochure should include professional photos of your home, a detailed description, unique selling points, and your contact information. Use design software or templates to create a visually appealing layout.




Step 5: Conducting the Open House

What Is the Best Day to Hold an Open House?

Weekends, particularly Saturdays and Sundays from late morning to early afternoon (1 PM and 4 PM), are ideal for maximizing attendance. This timing typically works best for potential buyers’ schedules.

How Do You Greet Someone at an Open House?

With a warm smile, introduce yourself, offer them a flyer, and let them know you're available for any questions or to provide more information.

What Do You Talk About at an Open House?

Discuss the features of the home, the neighborhood, nearby amenities, and any recent upgrades or renovations. Be prepared to answer questions about the property and the sale process.

Is It Bad to Have Too Many Open Houses?

While frequent open houses can increase exposure, having too many can signal to buyers that there may be something undesirable about the property or that it's not selling well.

What's the Most Effective Way to Turn Open Houses into Prospecting Vehicles?

To turn an open house into a successful prospecting tool, engage visitors with insightful information about the property, collect contact details for follow-up, and showcase your knowledge and professionalism.

What Not to Say When Showing a House?

Avoid making guarantees about the property, discussing specific prices before offers are made, or sharing personal opinions that might not align with the buyer’s views.


Enjoyed What You've Read And Want to Learn More?

We broke up our insights into 3 parts to keep it engaging and concise for readers. This way, it avoids being too brief and unclear or too lengthy and overwhelming. We hope breaking down the information makes it easier for you all to digest information and follow along, enhancing your learning experience.

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