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Who are we?

We are a dedicated team of experts who strive to cultivate an environment where innovation, integrity, and compassion thrive. As a locally owned and operated team, our strength lies in the meaningful connections we build Fulfilling Dreams and Futures, one property at a time

Trailblazing Wisconsin Real Estate

We aim to lead the Wisconsin Real Estate industry as we free people from debt, provide clean and safe housing, improve existing communities, facilitate home ownership, create investment opportunities, and help others build long-term wealth.


Our Values


ReZen puts others first in all we do. We serve sacrificially and selflessly, always going beyond the call of duty and doing what it takes to achieve our clients’ goals


We do the right thing even when no one is watching. We believe in honesty and transparency, we act morally and ethically, and we know that pressure is a privilege.


We treat others as we’d like to be treated, honoring and empowering our peers through education, grace, and forgiveness. Everyone has value to add, from the carpenter to the chiseler.


ReZen people know their limits. They take pride in their talents and have made peace with their shortfalls. They ask for help and connect with peers in times of need. Because we know we’re stronger together.


Quality housing solutions for everyone


Our acquisitions process helps free people from debt caused by financial and housing challenges by providing tailored solutions that meet the seller’s unique needs.

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Our rentals provide a clean, safe housing by restoring properties to deliver our residents a higher quality of living and comfort


Our home renovation projects improve existing communities by renovating run-down, unsafe housing to create exceptional places to live

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Our rent-to-own properties facilitate homeownership through financial education and housing opportunities that position our tenant buyers to build equity while improving their financial well-being


Our wholesale business helps create investment opportunities so that active investors can improve their communities and build financial freedom through real estate.


Our private lending opportunities help others build long-term wealth by creating passive investment vehicles so everyone in our sphere has access to reliable investments.

Our History

A brief history of what companies came together to create ReZen




ReZen Residential Created

Rising Tide WI (RTW) rebrands as ReZen Residential


ReZen Revive Founded

Miller Flipped Properties and Rock Solid Homes merge


ReZen Property Management Founded

Founded to manage owned real estate properties


ReZen LLC Founded

Founded as a parent company to create cohesion between RSH and MFP and RTW to have multiple brands working together to provide better, more comprehensive services


Rising Tide Wisconsin Founded (RTW)

Founded to provide safe and clean rental housing for the local community


Miller Flipped Properties (MFP) Founded

Founded as an acquisitions and wholesale company to provide flexible and unique solutions for property owners all over southern Wisconsin


Rock Solid Homes (RSH) Founded

Founded to help Madison homeowners find the best solution to sell their home.

General Information

Office Phone-1

(608) 492-2410

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8:00AM-4:30PM, Monday-Friday


14 Ellis Potter Court, Suite 101, Madison, WI