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Danny Weiner | Project Manager


Full Bio

Danny Weiner

Meet Danny Weiner, the dynamic Project Manager at ReZen LLC. Originally from Colorado and now based in Madison at the age of 29, Danny brings a fresh perspective to our team.


Beyond his professional role, Danny finds solace in photography and enjoys the game of golf. His future real estate goals include acquiring two properties this year and owning 10 doors by age 30.

In his capacity as Project Manager, Danny expertly oversees construction projects and the meticulous remodeling of houses at ReZen. What's remarkable is that Danny had no prior real estate background before joining us, making his journey a testament to his dedication and enthusiasm.

Danny Weiner's impact is undeniable, reflecting our commitment to excellence and growth. His journey exemplifies the power of determination, and we're excited to witness his continued contributions in the real estate landscape.